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Austrian Citizenship Application

Criteria for Austrian Passport Application

According to recent amendments to the Austrian Citizenship Act,  decendants of Holocaust survivors who held Austrian citizenship or were living in Austria and were either forced to leave or lost their citizenship due to the rise of the Nazi regime are eligible to apply retroactively for Austrian Citizenship. This eligibility extends to all descendants, including children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. If you are eligible according to the criteria listed above,  we invite you to get in touch with us for a complimentary eligibility assessment.  

1. All direct descendants of:  ​

  • Austrian citiziens

  • Nationals of the successor states of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

  • Stateless individuals

    • ​Who emigrated from the present-day Austrian territory before 15.05.1955 and/or lost their Austrian citizenship shortly after emigration (due to acquiring another citizenship or marriage), with the reason for emigration being either:​

    1. Persecution by the Nazis or their authorities, either experienced or highly feared

    2. Persecution or fear of persecution for advocating an independent democratic Austria

    • ​​with a primary residence in present-day Austria, who were deported abroad before 9.5.45.​​​​
    • who lost their lives due to persecutions by the organs of the NSDAP or authorities of the German Reich or for advocating for independent Austria before 9.5.45.
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2. Direct descendants of Austrian citizens who, between 30.1.33 and 9.5.45, did not have a primary residence in present-day Austria because they feared persecution by the Nazis upon return or initial entry (due to religious reasons or advocating for independent Austria).

3. Direct descendants of Austrian citizens who were deported abroad by the organs of the NSDAP or authorities of the German Reich before 9.5.45 due to advocating for independent Austria.

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