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German Citizenship Application

Criteria for German Passport Application

As per the existing German legislation, numerous descendants of Jewish Holocaust survivors who possessed German citizenship, were exempt from acquiring it, or were forced to leave Germany due to the Nazi regime's ascent, have the right to reapply for German citizenship. This entitlement applies without generational restrictions, encompassing children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and beyond. If you meet the eligibility criteria, feel free to contact us for an assessment of your eligibility.

Paragraph 15

  • If your ancestors lost the German citizenship before 26.02.1955 especially if it was lost due to acquiring a new citizenship

  • If your ancestors were exempt from receiving or legitimizing (through marriage for example) the German citizenship between 30.01.1933 and 08.05.1945

  • If the ancestors did not get citizenship after applying in a case they should have gotten or were denied the right to even apply

  • Or if your ancestors left or lost their residence in Germany (according to the borders of the 31.12.1937) but only if they had a residency before 30.01.1933. If the ancestor was a minor back then, the stay could start after 30.01.1933 (i.e. born in march 1933).


Paragraph 16

  • If your or your direct ancestor’s German citizenship was revoked between 1933 and 1945 due to political, religious or racist reasons you can reapply

  • Citizenship is considered revoked if:

    • It was automatically lost through a stay abroad from the 25.11.1941 onwards

    • Through cancelation through the German authorities and published as cancelled in the magazine “Reichsanzeiger”

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