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Are you eligible for German or Austrian Citizienship? 

Recent legislation introduced in several European countries means that many more individuals are eligible for citizenship than ever before. Reach out to us in order to assess your eligibilty today!


Citizenship Application for:

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Other European Countries


German and Austrian  Citizienship Application

Experience the freedom that comes with being able to move to Europe and work wherever you want, as authorized by the Schengen Agreement. Benefit from subsidized or even tuition-free education in countries belonging to the European Union. Enjoy visa-free entry to the USA and explore possible investment opportunties in properties or businesses located in EU countries, along with potential tax advantages. In addition, dual Israeli-European citizenship is permitted by law, which means that as an Israeli, you can become a European citizen, and still hold onto your Israeli citizenship.

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We are here to assist you through the Citizenship Application Process

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